With our long experience in set design, We have worked with projects ranging from cooking and entertainment programs to news and sport studios to fund raising galas.

Through 20 years of experience in the field we have learned what is needed in order to ensure that a production runs smoothly.

We are involved in the process from an early stage, safeguarding the end result throughout the whole project. From early sketches to refined 3D visualization we ensure that all ideas are communicated to all parties with utmost clarity.

We always strive for higher quality, whether it is visual elements or manual execution.
Our knowledge in new technology is something we take great pride in, keeping ourselves updated and always improving.

We have a wide network of trustworthy and highly skilled contractors.
Our clients have over the years been SVT, TV4, TV3, Meter film och television, Fremantle, Warner bros, Mastiff, Jarowskij, Strix and others.